About S&P Home Makeovers

Where did it all begin.... Once upon a time a long time ago in an outport town of Newfoundland a small boy sat in the corner of his Grandfathers workshop and watched him create with tools. Sometimes sneaking and sometimes with help the young boy began to learn the craft of building.

Now that that young boy had the building bug he ventured out to learn more skills and play with more tools. Working in his Uncle's kitchen cabinet company for many years both building and installing custom kitchens introduced new skills to the young boy as he grew. The family company taught this now young man to be honest and open with customers.

Growing up now the young man joined the Navy as a Hull Tech, a general contracting type trade onboard ships. In the Navy our young man learned valuable skills like leadership, trust, dependability, timings and respect.

Now our young man has retired from the Navy and followed his wonderful wife and beautiful children out to Alberta where he continues his dream of working with his hands and crafting new projects.

It is with this background that the foundation of S&P Home Makeovers is based. We would enjoy the opportunity to work with you, Contact Us with any questions or comments.